Last night I was sure that FlashForward was starting back.  So, after a long day at work and after getting the kids down to bed, I crashed on the couch ready to watch.  But it was not on my TiVo.   Come to find out, we have a couple more weeks before it starts again.

So I found myself browsing Netflix’s Watch Instantly library looking for something to watch.  Outsourced caught my eye.  Having worked in the IT industry for a long time, I have a lot of friends and coworkers from India.

Outsourced tells the story of Todd Anderson, a call center manager whose job gets outsourced to a call center in India.  He is then sent to India to train his replacement and help improve the call center there.

One of the most memorable scenes shows him trying to explain cow branding to the call center workers, in an effort to explain some of the products they are selling.  He’s trying so hard to teach them about Americans so they can talk effectively to Americans on the phone.  One of the workers looks at him and says, “You really need to learn about India.”

The rest of the movie shows him learning more about India, their religion, and culture.  I was struck by the fact that I have worked with Indians for so long, but I also have learned very little about their country.

It was a very funny and eye-opening movie.  I would recommend it to anyone that also works with people from India.

My thoughts on Lost Season 6 Episodes 1 & 2: LA X

Ok, so I’ve been thinking a lot over night about what’s going on in Lost, and here are my current thoughts.  Do not read if you haven’t seen last night’s episodes yet, there ars spoilers below.

What’s with the Alternate Timeline?

When Juliet set off the Nuke in 1977, the alternate timeline was created.  Why?  Because it had to be.  If you think about cause and effect, a paradox would have been created otherwise.  If the alternate timeline were not created, then setting off the nuke would have caused the plane never to crash in 2004.  If they plane never crashed in 2004, then Jack and team never went back in time to set off the nuke that caused the plane to not crash.  You have a paradox.

So, instead of creating a paradox, the alternate timeline was created.  The whole Infinite Universes theory.  The effect of them setting off the nuke in the main timeline was the nuke going off in the alternate timeline.  Though in the main timeline the nuke did not go off because it couldn’t.

So, in the main timeline, the group jumps back to where they are supposed to be in time: 2007.  This catches them back up to where the rest of their group was.  And now everyone is back together in the main timeline.

In the alternate timeline, the island has now sunk in 1977 because of the nuke.  This causes the plane never to crash in 2004.  But, it also causes a series of effects beginning in 1977 which ultimately cause the little differences we see on the plane in 2004.  Differences such as Shannon not getting on the plane with Boone to go home, Hurley having good luck instead of bad, Michael and Walt not being on the plane, etc.  However, everyone on the plane is going to have a strange sense of deja-vu because of what has happened in the main timeline.  Jack experienced this when he saw Desmond.

What’s up with Jacob, his Nemesis, and the Other Others?

First of all, the Other Others.  These are simply part of the Others who live at the Temple.  We’ve seen Cindy, Zach, and Emma (who were from the tail section) before with the Others. They are preparing for an attack by Jacob’s Nemesis, as the Smoke Monster, now that they have heard Jacob (thier spiritual leader) is dead.

Jacob and his Nemesis represent the battle between good and evil.  Jacob has his Nemesis somehow trapped at the island so he cannot leave.  The Nemesis wants desperately to leave and the only way he can is by killing Jacob.  So, he arranges the series of events we saw last season with Jacob ultimately being killed by Ben.

Jacob and his Nemesis are disputing over the ultimate good or evil in man.  Jacob keeps bringing people to the island trying to show that a good, peaceful civilization can live there.  This results in the Others.  The Nemesis keeps corrupting groups of people causing the endless fighting that is occurring there over the years.

So, in both timelines, Jacob is dead.  Evil has won.  What we’re going to see this season is Jacob, speaking through Hurley, arranging events to send Jack and team back in time to stop Ben from killing Jacob.  I think Sayid will ultimately be the one to stop Ben.  When this happens, it will create another alternate timeline where the balance between good and evil, Jacob and his Nemesis, is restored.

So, that’s my current thoughts on what’s going on.  I’ve excited to see what happens over the rest of the season.