What Matters More

I have been anxiously awaiting Derek Webb’s new album. Looks like he had released a new single from it today. Wow!

The Long Fall Back to Earth

I’ve been a fan of Jars of Clay ever since college, but their last few albums have been very exciting. Their latest, ‘The Long Fall Back to Earth’, released today and it is very, very good. You have to check it out. If you want to try only one song from it, I’d recommend Closer (which was released a few months ago on an EP) or The Long Fall. But every song on the album (there are 14 of them!) is awesome.

Updated 4/22/09: So, the more I listen to this the more I’m struck by different songs.  “Hero” and “Weapons” are both must listens.  “Headphones” is pretty much the only song I could do without.  It sounds like he wrote “Boys” for his kids, which as a father really strikes me.   Anyway, just wanted to add a couple of the songs I listed above.

Rue Royale is certainly something to write home about

Rue Royale

Back in September of 2007, I had a post talking about a new band that I had found named Rue Royale. They are a husband and wife duo that features beautiful smooth melodies, acoustic guitars, and artistic lyrics. A couple of weeks ago my iPod came across them again while I was listening to a random playlist, and was started wondering what they were now up to. Not only did I discover that they had a full length album out now, but it has been out for over a year!

The self-titled album includes 10 songs, three of which are from the EP – Parachutes and Lifeboats, Even in the Darkness, and U.F.O. You really ought to check out their MySpace page and, if you like the music, pick up the album. This quickly replaced the new U2 album at the top of my playlist.

U2’s new album is Magnificent

I’m a pretty big fan of U2, and as such, I had to pick up their album, No Line on the Horizon last Tuesday as soon as it came out. Actually, my morning was like this: get up, shower, get dressed, open the computer, download the album from Amazon. That was especially cool since Amazon had it for only four dollars!

So, how is the new album. I love it! I’ve been listening to it almost constantly since Tuesday during the periods of time that I have been in my office. I enjoy it more and more with each listen. Two songs in particular stand out to me: “Magnificent” and “Moment of Surrender”. The title song, “No Line on the Horizon” and their first single “Get on Your Boots”, I would have to say are actually two of the weakest songs on the album.

Musically, this album strikes me as being more similar to some of their older stuff, like Achtung Baby, than the more recent ones. Lyrically, it’s hard to miss the religious overtones. Being a Christian myself, I’ve always loved that facet of their music. You feel like you are in the middle of a worship service lead by one of the greatest rock bands ever. You just can’t beat that!

So, I would highly recommend this album. It looks like you can still pick up the MP3 version of it for $3.99 from Amazon here.

My Dear Machine

Sixpence None the Richer has long been near the top of my list of favorite bands. So, I was very excited today to see that they have released a new EP! This after about 4 years of being split up. And, according to wikipedia they are planning a tour, but their official site doesn’t seem to be working.

The EP has four songs on it: My Dear Machine, Amazing Grace (give it back), Sooner than Later, and Around. I’ve listened to them several times so far today and have really enjoyed it. The first song in particular is awesome. It’s so good to hear Matt Slocum and Leigh Nash making music together once again.

If you go to NoiseTrade.com you can name your price and download the EP.

More music

In my effort to spread the word about independent artists, here are two more that I’m really enjoying these days.

Kendall Payne – Paper Skin

Kendall Payne recently came out with a new independent album named Paper Skin. I really enjoyed her “Jordan’s Sister” album several years ago, and heard her stuff on several movies and TV Shows. But I lost track of her until I saw her interview on Relevant. She’s come a long way since that first album. “Paper Skin” is just her singing with a piano and it is amazing. Being the daddy of a little girl, the song “Daddy” especially moved me. You can read an interview with here on Relevant, listen to her music on MySpace, or buy in on iTunes.

Rue Royale – The Search for Where to Go EP

I found Rue Royale after reading an interview with them on Infuze. They are a husband and wife duo with simple guitar rhythms and amazing melodic harmonies. They remind me of the sound of Coldplay or Sufjan Stevens. You can also grab their EP on iTunes.