About Me

Wow, so where do you start when trying to ask the question “who are you?”.

I am married to my beautiful wife, Jenny, and have a four year old daughter named Emma and a one year old son name Christopher.

Professionally, I am the Domain Applicaiton Lead for Revenue, Rates, and Res at Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group in Tulsa, OK.

Our home is in Claremore where we attend and are very involved in First Baptist Claremore.  Jenny and I teach first great Sunday School.  I am also the volunteer web master and well as member of several committees on everything from PR to the Children’s ministry.

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Friend,

    Came across your blog while searching for macbook clubs on Google.

    It’s some neat stuff you got there around why you like the Mac.

    I’m soon going to convert from win2mac.

    I’m an IT person myself and majorly into systems administration of linux/windows boxes, setting up infrastructure environments, as well as builds and releases and ant scripts n stuff.

    My hobbies include playing the guitar, singing ( was a member of the school band), writing poetry, stories, sketching n other stuff.

    Let me know if we can keep in touch…or atleast professionally though.


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