Rue Royale is certainly something to write home about

Rue Royale

Back in September of 2007, I had a post talking about a new band that I had found named Rue Royale. They are a husband and wife duo that features beautiful smooth melodies, acoustic guitars, and artistic lyrics. A couple of weeks ago my iPod came across them again while I was listening to a random playlist, and was started wondering what they were now up to. Not only did I discover that they had a full length album out now, but it has been out for over a year!

The self-titled album includes 10 songs, three of which are from the EP – Parachutes and Lifeboats, Even in the Darkness, and U.F.O. You really ought to check out their MySpace page and, if you like the music, pick up the album. This quickly replaced the new U2 album at the top of my playlist.