U2’s new album is Magnificent

I’m a pretty big fan of U2, and as such, I had to pick up their album, No Line on the Horizon last Tuesday as soon as it came out. Actually, my morning was like this: get up, shower, get dressed, open the computer, download the album from Amazon. That was especially cool since Amazon had it for only four dollars!

So, how is the new album. I love it! I’ve been listening to it almost constantly since Tuesday during the periods of time that I have been in my office. I enjoy it more and more with each listen. Two songs in particular stand out to me: “Magnificent” and “Moment of Surrender”. The title song, “No Line on the Horizon” and their first single “Get on Your Boots”, I would have to say are actually two of the weakest songs on the album.

Musically, this album strikes me as being more similar to some of their older stuff, like Achtung Baby, than the more recent ones. Lyrically, it’s hard to miss the religious overtones. Being a Christian myself, I’ve always loved that facet of their music. You feel like you are in the middle of a worship service lead by one of the greatest rock bands ever. You just can’t beat that!

So, I would highly recommend this album. It looks like you can still pick up the MP3 version of it for $3.99 from Amazon here.