How to get longer battery life out of your iPhone

So, one thing I was disappointed about when I got my iPhone was how quickly the battery ran down. I would charge it over night and then have to put it on the charger for a little while while I was at the office to make sure it had juice for my drive home.

I made one change that seems to at least double the life of the battery.  Previously, my Exchange account would automatically push email to me and the iPhone would regularly fetch email from my Gmail account.  I changed both of these settings to Manual so that the accounts are not checked until I go into the Mail app. 

This may not work for your needs, but in my world it’s not absolutely critical that I know the moment an email comes in.  I just need the ability to check it while I’m out.  And changing this setting means that I only need to charge my iPhone overnight.


2 thoughts on “How to get longer battery life out of your iPhone

  1. I had the same experience. I set mine to check every hour, and I get decent battery life with that. Also, be sure not to leave the mail app open when you turn the screen off. It will sit there constantly checking your email & drain the battery fast. Learned that one the hard way. 🙂

  2. IF you want it to push and you have access to change settings on your firewall you can make it work without killing your battery. The way ActiveSync works is that it will initially obtain an HTTP/HTTPS connection to your Exchange server and keep that connection open to allow communication between the devices. Typically this means that your firewall with have to allow this connection. In most situations the timeout for an HTTP/HTTPS connection is about 2 minutes. This means that the phone will have to initiate this connection every 2 minutes because your firewall is cutting you off. You can change your firewall settings to use a higher timeout value (I have mine set to 30 minutes) so that you can stay connected longer. If this is truly the issue with your battery than making this change would help that issue as well as any other device that uses the same server. Check out this article for more information:

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