My weight loss plan


A couple of months ago I finally became so frustrated with my weight that I decided to take drastic action.  So, I developed my own weight loss plan and so far it has been very successful.  Overall, I had 26 pounds that I wanted to lose.  As of today, I have lost 16.5 of them.  10 of those pounds came off in the first 2 weeks.  Since then, it has been about a pound a week.  Here are the keys to my plan.

  1. No sweets, no pop. I completely cut out sweets and pop.  I was really bad about chocolate.  If I tasted a little of it, I had to keep eating and eating.  It was easier for me to eat none than a little.  So, I completely cut it out.  Before, I had been convinced that I needed the caffeine in the pop to get through the day.  I knew this was not good for me, so I decided to cut it out completely as well.  What surprised me was the fact that with no pop, I actually ended up having more energy than I did before.
  2. Smaller portions. I’m really bad about going back for seconds and thirds if I like a meal a lot.  I’m trying to eliminate that as well.  This is hardest when I go out to eat, but I try to always leave enough that I need a to-go box.
  3. No eating after 7pm. I had a teacher in college talk about how it was not good to eat after 7pm because your body didn’t have time to burn any of it before you went to bed.  So, I made this rule.
  4. Embrace hunger. I am now glad when I feel a little hungry.  That means this is working.  I try to keep my food intake such that I feel very hungry before a meal.  If I’m feeling a little hungry, that means I’m losing weight.  To combat feeling hungry I try to drink more water.
  5. Lots and lots of water. I’m not sure exactly how much water I’m drinking.  But it’s a ton.  If I go an hour now without a glass of water I start feeling very thirsty.
  6. Weigh every day. Some people weigh in only weekly, but that’s not enough for me.  If I’m doing something wrong, I want to know as soon as possible so I can correct it.  So, I weigh every morning.  My scales have a memory of the last 10 weights.  My goal is to reach a new low weight every week.  So far I have been able to achieve this.  If it’s getting late in the week and I have not reach a new low, I know I need to do something drastic, like having only a Jamba Juice for dinner, or something like that.
  7. Cheat day. This is my favorite part.  From 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday is my cheat day.  I can violate any of the above rules.  In fact, I try my hardest to violate all of the as much as I can.  I got this tip from Tim Ferris.  This keeps your metabolism up so it keeps burning fat during the week.  Without doing this your metabolism will slowly get to the point where all it expects is your new level of eating and it won’t burn any more.

Notice, I haven’t increased my level of exercise at all.  I plan to get into running again, but things have been so busy I have not been able to fit that in yet.  But that is the next phase of my plan.  I think I’m probably about to the point where I will not go too much lower until I do this.

So, that is my current plan. I’ll try to keep post about the success of it as I go along.

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