One month with a Mac Part III: Max out the RAM

In my earlier post on VMWare Fusion, I speculated that if I were to upgrade the MacBook from 2GB of RAM to 4GB, the virtual machine would perform much better.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that NewEgg at the RAM for about $85. So, I jumped on it. I received the RAM last Tuesday and noticed a huge improvement as soon as I installed it. I upped the memory on my development virtual machine to 1.5 GB. Now, it seems like no matter what I’m working on on the VM, I can still do anything I want to on the host machine and I notice absolutely no slow down at all.

Installation is very simple. You remove the batter and talk to the L bracket (make sure you have a small Philips screw driver). There are two levers there that you push in to slide the chips out. Then put the new memory in the same direction that the old ones came out. Make sure you firmly push the new ones in until they fit snugly (I didn’t get them in all the way the first time and the machine would not boot up). Put the bracket back on and then the battery and you’re good to go. Complete step by step instructions are here.

So, I’ll pass along the bit of advice I was given. If you buy a Mac, get as little memory as possible from Apple. Then, go to a third party and buy enough to max out the machine. You won’t be disappointed! In fact, even if you have a PC, take my advice and max out the RAM with memory from a store like NewEgg. Memory is very cheap these days and it will make your machine run amazingly well. I have a lot of family and friends come to me for advice on their computers that aren’t running well, and the memory is always the first thing I look at. Max out the RAM!

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