One month with a Mac Part II: Evernote

Evernote is a note taking application that I had used on Windows. In fact, I had gotten to where all of my notes for several projects where stored in a Evernote file in version 2. Then, for some reason I’m not sure of, I quit using it. I’ve always been torn between keeping my life in an electronic format or in my pocket Moleskine notebook. The Moleskine always ends up winning out because it’s simply more convenient — I have it with me everywhere I go.

However, with the latest version of Evernote, version 3 (currently in Beta), I’m contemplating going all digital again. Version 3 has both a Mac and Windows client. And the greatest feature is the online syncing feature. So, I run Evernote on my work laptop in the office and on the Mac at home and my notes automatically sync between the two. And, if I’m somewhere without access to one of my machines, I can jump on their website and retrieve my notes from there using their web interface.

The user interface is very slick. It still uses the metaphor of a single continuous ribbon containing all of your notes but it also has a thumbnail view where you can preview all of your notes on one page. It’s tagging and search features makes it very easy to find notes. It has the ability to very quickly create TODO lists, so you can use it for implementing GTD (Getting Things Done).

There are probably tons of features that I have left off, I’ve only begun to explore it. But I like it and have begun using it for all of my note taking and record keeping tasks. Will it replace my Moleskine? I don’t know.. but it’s certainly possible.

Evernote 3 is currently in Beta. You can download the client, but can’t use the syncing feature without an invitation to participate in the Beta. It looks like I have 10 invitations I can send out. If you’d like one, just let me know.