More music

In my effort to spread the word about independent artists, here are two more that I’m really enjoying these days.

Kendall Payne – Paper Skin

Kendall Payne recently came out with a new independent album named Paper Skin. I really enjoyed her “Jordan’s Sister” album several years ago, and heard her stuff on several movies and TV Shows. But I lost track of her until I saw her interview on Relevant. She’s come a long way since that first album. “Paper Skin” is just her singing with a piano and it is amazing. Being the daddy of a little girl, the song “Daddy” especially moved me. You can read an interview with here on Relevant, listen to her music on MySpace, or buy in on iTunes.

Rue Royale – The Search for Where to Go EP

I found Rue Royale after reading an interview with them on Infuze. They are a husband and wife duo with simple guitar rhythms and amazing melodic harmonies. They remind me of the sound of Coldplay or Sufjan Stevens. You can also grab their EP on iTunes.

Kind of makes you want to run home

So, Emma and I have this game where she will shout across the house “Da-Da!” and I’ll reply with “Em-ma!”. This game can be started up at any time and can get very loud. The other day Jenny called me to say that Emma had shouted “Da-Da!” while they were going for a walk. Jenny explained that Daddy was at work, and Emma replied with “Emma’s sad”. Made me want to run home immediately!!