August 28 – Overdressed

Exciting news! New Caedmon’s album, new tour, and Derek will be working with them.


NASHVILLE, TN…May 22, 2007… INO Records’ announces the signing of award-winning Christian group, folk-pop sensation Caedmon’s Call. The group will be releasing their 15th project Overdressed on Aug. 28.
Caedmon’s Call invited former member turned solo singer/songwriter Derek Webb to take part in this project and upcoming tour.

“It was definitely a no-brainer to record with Derek again, especially when we [Caedmon’s Call] joined INO, which has been Webb’s label for years,” says Cliff Young. “We all sat down one day and thought ‘I wonder what it would be like to make an album together’.” “We have all grown so much over the past six years, and I know for me [and I’m sure the others] it was a natural process to switch to INO and then have Derek re-join us for this project and upcoming tour.

Overdressed is an 12 song cd collection that is unlike any other Caedmon’s Call record, being organically acoustic with emphasis on rhythm while maintaining cleverly-written lyrics. All songs were co-wrote between Andrew Osenga, Randall Goodgame, Derek Webb and Webb’s wife, musician Sandra McCracken.

“The title Overdressed comes from lyrics in the song ‘Trouble,’” says Derek Webb. “It talks about how, if I’m honest, all my best attempts at being good are a real mess. Just like the Garden of Eden, I try to cover myself with so many different things. So, when I’m with Him, I feel so overdressed.”

Formerly with Essential Records, Caedmon’s Call switched to INO in 2007. “I have long been an admirer of Caedmon’s Call rich musical legacy,” says president of INO Records Jeff Moseley. “Now with the addition of Derek Webb for this record, it just feels like a natural fit. I am thrilled they are a part of the INO family and that we can share in the future of Caedmon’s Call.”

Caedmon’s Call will head out on a promotional tour in late summer before headlining a Spring tour. These dates will be announced at a later time.

To check on all of Caedmon’s Call news, go to or their fan run site

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