One of the biggest downsides to me leaving my last company was the loss of my company-funded MSDN Universal subscription. This allowed me to download and install just about any Microsoft product at home and at work. One of these products that I came to rely on heavily was One Note. I used it for everything from keeping track of projects at work to planning the sell of my house.

Well, now that I am without an MSDN subscription, I have once again started digging around at free alternatives out there. And I have found a perfect replacement to One Note. In fact, so far I like this better than One Note.

It’s called EverNote. I uses the metaphor of a single continuous ribbon of notes. However, these notes can be placed in categories for easy access. These categories work like tags — where a single note can be in multiple categories. And categories have sub-categories. So this offers endless possibilities for keeping a large number of notes organized. It also has a very powerful search mechanism for finding notes.

It’s storage mechanism is a single datafile which can be encrypted (great if you are going to keep track of sensitive data like passwords). Team this up with a product like FolderShare, or store on a flash drive, and you can easily access your notes at home or at the office.

There is a free version that I am using now. The full feature purchase version allow synchronization with remote devices and handwriting recognition — but I really didn’t need this since I use FolderShare for synchronization and I don’t use a tablet PC.

So, give EverNote a shot. I think you’ll like it!


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