The current soundtrack to my life…

These are the current albums I have constantly running on shuffle on my iPod. Great stuff — you’ve got to check them out.

– The Morning by Andrew Osenga
– Gravity | Love by Sandra McCracken
– The Far Country by Andrew Peterson
– How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by U2
– Mockingbird by Derek Webb
– Good Monsters by Jars of Clay
– A Collision by David Crowder Band
– Between the Dreaming and the Coming True by Bebo Norman

Chances are you have heard of most of the people near the bottom of that list. The ones at the top, Andrew and Sandra, are independent artists who are amazing. It constantly surprises me the wealth of talent you can find among musicians who have not been given big recording contracts. Why record companies pass over these people and pick up others is beyond me. But, fortunately for these guys, the internet is leveling the playing field. For more great independent musicians, check out The Square Peg Alliance.

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