What a crazy year!

This has been an extremely crazy year for me professionally. First of all, my company announced last March that it was going to look into outsourcing all of IT to another firm. This, of course, sent the entire department into a state of frenzy and a lot of people left. I decided to wait it out. Whether or not that was a good move is still up for debate, but it so far it seems that I made the right choice.

With the departure of so many people, lots of teams were left in shambles, with no real technical leadership in place. Because of this, I was offered the position of tech lead in another team. This meant that I was to receive a double promotion and move to an application area that I really didn’t know that much about. So, I took it, came here, and got settled in. All the while more and more of my coworkers began leaving the company. Eventually, even my new boss left. All this time the company is still investigating the outsourcing option.

Well, the outsourcing is now for sure and going to happen October 1st. I’ll become an employee of the new company. They are going to come in an, in the course of several months, mold us into the way they structure their teams and do business. There’s lots of apprehension here as no one really knows what that is going to look like.

Now, the team I was formerly on is in shambles and they have asked me to move back over there. I’ve decided to do it, but it’s not going to be easy. Almost all of the people that I use to work with are now gone, and they have a ton of work on their plate — include the complete reconstruction of both brands’ web site. Not sure exactly when this next move is going to take place — probable in the next couple of weeks.

So, to stay this has been a crazy year is an understatement. So far, I believe I have made some good decisions in the chaos, while I position myself for success in the new company, but there’s really no way to know until the dust settles and we see what things are going to look like. Some times it would sure be nice to be able to see things a year down the line before making a decision!! God has continued to bless me and my family and allowed me to provide a living for them, and for that I’m grateful. We are in His hands — and because of that I have peace in the midst of the storm.