IronPython 1.0 Released

It is interesting to me the amount of talk about dynamic languages that you are hearing from Microsoft these days. I guess that this is in response to all of the Ruby on Rails hype. But there do seem to be some interesting languages coming down the pipe.

When I was at TechEd last June I went to a presentation where Mahesh Prakriya presented IronPython and John Lam talked about RubyCLR. The concept sounds interesting. Long ago I, like much of the industry, abandoned dynamic languages in favor on compiled languages. But, with the ease of development that you see in a Ruby or Python type language, perhaps one day the industry will turn back that direction. I don’t know, I’m still skeptical. But, seeing that 1.0 of IronPython is now release, I think I’m going to have to give it a shot. I’ll post some comments here once I have done so.

For an interesting discussion on dynamic vs. compiled languages, check out this edition of Hanselminutes.


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