Leigh Nash: Blue on Blue

When I first heard that Leigh Nash was doing a post-Sixpence solo album, I was cautiously optimistic. I loved Sixpence None the Richer, but I was unsure about how this would be without Matt Slocum. Well, upon first listening to the Blue on Blue, all of my fears were put aside. It is just as good as Divine Discontent – the pinnacle of Sixpence’s achievement. I see two groups of Sixpence fans. One group is the long time groupies that love the deep poetic Slocum lyrics. The other group is the ones that came onboard during the Kiss Me craze and like the peppy love songs. This album appeals to both. On the one hand you have Nervous in The Light of Dawn (my current favorite) and on the other you have My Idea of Heaven. Give this album a shot – I think you’ll like it.